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ini nuru!!! heeee ^-^

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

without a word ^-^

bila jemari lembut menekan keyboard^-^

i should have run away
should have pretended like i did not hear
pretending not to hear
could not hear from the very first time
should not have felt your love
without a word, i felt your love
without a word, you gave me love
i keep it all hear, even your breathe
holding onto your deep inside here
but your are leaving just like this
without a word, my love is leaving me
without a word, my love is throws me away
what will i have to say???
the words on my lips were surprised by themselves
without a word, my tears are falling
without a word, my heart's broken
without a word, i'm waiting for love
without a word, i'm hurt because of love
my soul has left, i become a fool
i just can look to the sky and cry
without a word, separation found me
without a word, separation come to me
i could not even prepare, i had to let you go
my heart feels like it's having a stinging pain
it all come without a single word
without a word you come,without a word you left
just like a fever, may be it's only hurt for a while
but the scars will be left forever....

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jom2 kita pegi pulau naminara ae amek tiket kat sini tuing3~~^-^

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